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KuaKua Group, Nothing Gets Worse Here.

“If you would like to ride on the wave of hot topic marketing, try Praise/Flattery/Compliments.”

What would you feel if you can get compliments on anything. Yes! Anything.

“I got cheated by the seller! The phone is clone phone. ” “You must be a cute and kind person! They only cheat to those who are too adorable ”

“I lost my bicycle. I can’t find it” “You got your calf muscle trained while you’re looking for your bike, well done!”

Sounds ridiculous?

This is what exactly happening in the Chinese community where people are creating chat groups in order to praise each other no matter what you do or say. They call it “KuaKua Group” (夸夸群; 夸 ‘kuā‘ literally means ‘praise’)

The trend of praise group can be dated to 2014, and recently this trend went viral tremendously on Chinese social media.

While the craze of praise continue to grow in Chinese community, marketers are working feverishly preparing for campaigns and content to ride on the wave.

In short, the trend of Kuakua Group has opened an opportunity for brands and marketers to generate ‘word of mouth’ directly from consumers, fun and positively. Although the feedback may seem exaggerated and sometimes far beyond the imagination, yet it might also be a great way to get inspiration from different marketing angle.


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