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With the growing demand for brands to enter the Chinese market and effectively engage with their target audiences, we have partnered with the three major media platforms in China. This strategic collaboration enables us to offer comprehensive solutions for cross-border brands, helping them successfully engage with their desired audiences



WeChat, developed by Tencent, is the largest multi-purpose messaging, social media, and app payment platform. With over 1.2 billion monthly active users, it has become an essential part of daily life in China, serving as a comprehensive solution for communication, social networking, and e-commerce.

We offer a range of services on WeChat to help brands effectively engage with the Chinese audience. These services include:

Account set up, management and CRM:
Set up official accounts for brands to increase exposure and engage with their audiences via owned channel 

Content creation:
Provide content direction, visual, copy-writing and layout design to create engaging content for brands 

Paid media ads:

In-app advertising to increase brand awareness and drive leads

Formats include: WeChat banner ad, WeChat moment ad, KOL collaboration, programmatic advertising 

KOL partnership & social listening:

KOL suggestion & coordination, social listening and post-campaign evaluation for brands to review performance



Xiaohongshu is one the fastest growing content platforms in China with over 200 million monthly active users, its content focused on lifestyle, beauty and travel, featuring both professional-generated content (PGC) and user-generated content. Its an integration of social media and e-commerce and allowing users to browse and purchase products directly from posts and reviews.


We offer solutions for brands to effectively target Chinese consumers who are living and traveling abroad. Our services include:


Account set up, content creation and CRM:

Create and verified official accounts and create content for brands so they can engage with potential consumers. 


KOL collaboration:

KOLs will create content based on different occasions, including visiting brands' stores or unboxing reviews of their products, to engage with consumers.


Paid media advertising:

In-app advertising to divert traffic and consumers to the brand-owned channel to increase awareness and online sales



Douyin, a popular Chinese short video app, boasts over 600 million daily active users. The platform primarily features short, quirky videos and utilises advanced algorithms to personalise content for each user, making it highly addictive and a crucial social platform for brands to leverage.


We offer comprehensive solutions for brands seeking to engage users on video platforms like Douyin:


Account set up, content creation and management:

Set up and verified official accounts and create content for brands to interact with users 


KOL collaboration:

Invite KOLs to create video assets and advertise within the app environment to increase brand awareness and foster better engagement


Paid media advertising:

Various formats to display in in-feed video, live stream or search results to drive traffic to brand owned channel and increase engagement 

Formats include Native In-feed Ad, Search Ad, Splash Ad, Top Live, Banner Ads and more. 

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