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WeChat New Feature -- 好物圈It’s Never A Rational Buying Decision

“WeChat has just released a new feature called -- 好物圈 ‘Hao Wu Quan’ (Shopping Circle) where e-commerce, social and word of mouth are now all gathered in one place.”

The interface of ‘Shopping Circle’ looks very similar to another most-used WeChat feature, the ‘Moments’. In the ‘Shopping Circle’, users can search or scroll for products, post their new purchased items or reviews, recommend good e-commerce mini-programs and interact with friends’ shopping experience.

‘Shopping Circle’ - Manage orders in one-go

The fast expanding of Mini program has encouraged brands and business owners to set up their WeChat online store through this platform.

However, if the user purchased from more than one mini program online store, they will find it difficult to trace and manage their orders from different mini programs, and this is why ‘Shopping Circle’ was designed -- to manage orders.

Once the feature of ‘Shopping Circle’ is enabled by the seller, all of the completed orders from their mini programs will be listed in users’ ‘Shopping Circle - Order Page’ while products kept by users in their wish lists will be shown in the ‘Favorite Page’. Orders from WeChat related apps like ‘微信读书’ WeChat Read (eBook app by WeChat) are also integratable with ‘Shopping Circle’.

‘Shopping Circle’ - Recommendations By Trust

According to Nelson, about 56% of Chinese consumers believe in recommendations from interest circles, while 66% of consumers have bought products recommended by relatives, friends or colleagues.

As Chinese prefer recommendations from acquaintances, ‘Shopping Circle’ now is the best place for them to gather more insights when deciding to make a purchase, because it only shows posts and recommendations from users’ WeChat connections, which means no exaggerated propaganda, less worries on fake reviews.

‘Shopping Circle’ - Conversion in One Click

As a conclusion, ‘Shopping Circle’ simplifies the entire shopping cycle from decision making to delivery tracking within the WeChat ecosystem.

  1. Read and compare recommendations from friends;

  2. Click and link to the recommended mini program online store;

  3. Complete the payment via WeChat Pay;

  4. Easy sharing function back to the circle.

No doubt that ‘Shopping Circle’ will soon become one of the major features in WeChat.


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